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Discovery Assistant Tips and Tricks

Searching eDiscovery Documents

ImageMAKER Discovery Assistant is a feature rich eDiscovery software processing application that allows you to load, search, and process electronically stored documents on your desktop computer. Processed documents can then be imported into your eDiscovery review platform.

Discovery Assistant includes a powerful keyword search feature that allows you to run keyword queries against the deepest hidden data. You can use Discovery Assistant to search email repositories (PST, NSF), message files (MSG, EML), attached documents, embedded documents, loose documents, and zipped file contents (ZIP, RAR) from a single interface. Documents without text (TIFF, scanned PDF, JPEG, GIF) are identified and converted to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) before being indexed.

Discovery Assistant Search
To search your data, simply create a new project, add in one or more files or folders to be indexed, build the search index, and then select 'search'.

Support for Batch Search:
Once the search index has been created, you can select 'Batch Search' to enter and search for a list of custom keywords.

Support for OCR search:
Scanned PDF documents, images, graphics, TIFF attachments, and other image files are identified during the start of the process, and can be optionally converted to text using a supported OCR engine before a search index is created. This means your keyword search does not miss anything, even though the original document may have been scanned in as an image, rather than typed.

Detection and Removal of Duplicates:
Exact document duplicates are identified and removed first, before the search indexes are built. De-duplication is done at the message level (identification and removal of duplicate messages) including advanced logic for handling identical attachments.

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eDiscovery Review Platforms
Discovery Assistant works with most eDiscovery review platforms.



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Using Discovery Assistant to create an SEC Load File

Product Features

• Quickly search through millions of emails and documents to find pertinent information.
• Advanced processing features include de-duplication, keyword searching, near duplicate document detection, and a first pass coding and review module.
• Convert email, attachments, electronic documents, ZIP files and scanned images to TIFF, PDF, text, and metadata.
• Professional, quality results at a low cost and fast turnaround.
• Simple to install. Easy to operate.
• Export to Summation, Ringtail, Concordance, and others.

Free product tour

Free interactive product tours hosted by knowledgeable Discovery Assistant staff. Demos include software installation, processing of live customer data, and detailed responses to technical questions.
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Discovery Assistant Product Tour

Discovery Assistant Limited
Unlimited Search
$2,500 for 4 months unlimited search, and up to 30,000 converted documents
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Discovery Assistant Unlimited
Full Version
$6,000 for unlimited use on one machine
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I remain of the firm opinion it is one of the most cost effective pieces of software in its class that deserves to be well and truly out there - Brian Collins, CMS Cameron McKenna

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