"Discovery Assistant allows us the flexibility to EDD process a wide variety of data. The tabular methodology that Image Maker used when developing the product, makes training and project initiation much faster and streamlined."

"Probably the best thing about working with Image Maker is that when you call and need help working on a project, the people who developed the product are the ones who answer the phone."

Paul Maggio
Chief Operating Officer
Global Legal Discovery, LLC

"I remain of the firm opinion it is one of the most cost effective pieces of software in its class that deserves to be well and truly out there."

Brian Colins
CMS Cameron McKenna

"I've been happy with your product. Of course, we've run into many problems, but you guys have always jumped right in and taken care of any problems and shortcomings, and quickly released the fixes to me."

Mark Cardwell
Forentech, LLC

"Without this product, I would have been screwed.... The technical support team worked over-time to help me get what I needed to get through my lawsuit. The key features for us were the ease of use, maintaining parent child relationships, and the ability to bates stamp, and quick turn-around on any technical questions we had."

Joseph Loomis
Loomis Strategies