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Access to Information and Freedom of Information Requests

Discovery Assistant can be used to meet all the requirements of the legislated information disclosure process. After receiving a request for information, the Chief Privacy Officer can use ImageMAKER Discovery Assistant to load, search, process, redact, and produce the requested documents.

The Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is a senior level executive, within the public sector or regulated industries, who is responsible for managing the risks and business impacts of privacy laws and policies, such as:

Discovery Assistant converts e-mails and attachments, electronic documents, and scanned images to TIFF or PDF, while extracting Metadata and Text. Metadata content includes sent date, subject, to, from, author and last modified date. Metadata is written to a separate comma separated value file (CSV) that can be loaded into Microsoft Excel. Extracted Metadata can be reviewed at the same time the TIFF's are reviewed.

Supported document types include scanned paper copies, email (PST files) with attachments, and other electronic documents on CD's or hard drives, all of which can be loaded directly into Discovery Assistant for processing.

Discovery Assistant features:

  • Convert PST to TIFF
  • Search PST files using multiple keywords
  • Retain parent/child relationships
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) retrieves searchable text from images
  • Review and redact document images without altering the original
  • Load in scanned TIFF and PDF documents
  • Support for PST, MSG, NSF, EML email formats
  • Support Office document types, Acrobat PDF, HTML, DWG, and hundreds of other common document types
  • Identify documents that are similar (near duplicates)
  • Group email threads

The relevant TIFF documents can be reviewed and redacted in Discovery Assistant using the QA feature, or can be exported to a separate review tool such as Privasoft AccessPro, Concordance, Summation, Relativity, and others, for third party review and production.

Export Options:

Discovery Assistant supports the following export options:

  • Export documents in Color or Black and White
  • Append attachments to parent documents
  • Export documents in PDF, TIFF or JPEG file format
  • Export text extracted from documents
  • Export the native file along with the image, OCR text and extracted metadata

In addition, ImageMAKER Development Inc. offers custom export mapping as an optional service.

Support for Scanned Documents:

Discovery Assistant is capable of searching and finding duplicates within scanned OCR’d documents. This near duplicate detection feature can be very useful in reducing the amount of data that is reviewed and produced, further reducing review time and costs.

Using Discovery Assistant, there is no need to mechanically print documents to paper, or manually redact printed copies, and then re-scan.

If scanned documents are provided in a single page per file format, Discovery Assistant uses a separate utility to collect these documents back into multi-page TIFF files AND maintains the parent child relationships between the documents. The multi-page TIFF and the parent/child relationship can then be loaded directly into Discovery Assistant.

Scanned documents that do not have search text can be converted to TIFF first and then optically converted to searchable text (OCR).

Support for Keyword Search:

After creating a search index, electronic documents or scanned documents can be searched for relevance. A powerful batch search feature supports one-button-search for hundreds of search terms. There is no theoretical limit to the number of search strings that can be used with Discovery Assistant. Once the search index has been built, search requests take approximately 1 second per string. One of our customers, The Government of New Brunswick, is using 500 different strings - 250 in English, and 250 in French.

Support for Near Duplicates and Email Threads:

Near duplicate documents and email threads can be separately identified.

Document review times can be reduced by reviewing just the pivot document in document groups, or just the end email thread in a group of emails.

For More Info:

We invite you to visit http://www.discoveryassistant.com to download and evaluate a full-featured demonstration version of the product. Senior technical specialists will be available should you need assistance regarding the installation or use of the product.

We will be pleased to do an on-line walk through of the product with you on a day and time convenient to you. During the on-line walk through you can ask us to address any specific features you are looking for.

Contact our technical team directly at 604-525-2108 or by e-mail: support@imgmaker.com to arrange for a walk through or if you need technical assistance.